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The 2016 Show Committee is happy to announce the addition of Driving to our Performance classes this year! They will run Friday morning at 8:30. (Classes 20 & 21). Due to an unforeseen conflict, our previously announced judge and clinician, Katie Whaley, is unable to be with us. She will be designing our cones course and has graciously loaned us all the needed equipment to set up our class!

We are very happy to announce that Katherine Courtemache will be stepping in as our judge and clinician. Kathy has been involved in carriage driving, both pleasure and combined driving, since 1985.
She is a member of USEF, and was a member of the American Driving Society for 25 years. Kathy has shown in all classes associated with pleasure driving and thru Intermediate Level in Combined Driving. She has competed at many different venues, including Gladstone, Fair Hill International, New England Regional, Myopia, and many more, primarily with Morgans, but also with Welsh ponies and German Sport ponies. In addition to competing, Kathy has served as a cones judge, dressage judge, and marathon obstacle judge at many shows, including as an Obstacle judge at the World Equestrian Games. She organized the Kentucky Classic Combined Driving Event at the Kentucky Horse Park, for 3 years. Kathy is currently employed by the Carriage Association of America, and by FEI Advanced Driver and “R” Judge, Katie Whaley. She travels with Katie for both pleasure shows and CDEs.


On Thursday evening at 5 pm, Kathy will hold an instructional clinic pertaining to basic driving and the classes being offered. Some of the areas covered will be: driving safety, pointers for driving a dressage test, what the judge will be looking for, correct placement at the letters for transitions, what’s a “cones course,” walking a course and planning your route.

Our first class on Friday(#20), will be a Cones Class. This is a test of speed and driving accuracy.
A course of 10 cone “gates” will be set in the arena. Each driver will compete the course twice. Run 1 will be scored on fastest time through the course with fewest penalties. Round 2 will be scored based on most gates completed in a preset time with fewest penalties. Penalty seconds are assessed for knocking off the ball/s that are placed on top of the gates or destroying a gate. Placing decided on lowest combined score.

Our second class, (#21), will be Driven Dressage, Training Level Test 2 (Presentation on the Move or POM).

The object of the Driven Dressage Test is to judge the freedom, regularity of paces, harmony, impulsion, suppleness, lightness, ease of movement and correct bending of the horse on the move. Drivers will also be judged on style, accuracy, and general control of their horses, and also on their dress, condition of the harness and vehicle, and presentation of their whole turnout. Driving rules, and the dressage test can be found in our Prize List, or on the American Driving Society website.

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